How you feel is based on what you eat. Pure and simple.
When I choose not to eat cheesecake, it’s not because it doesn’t taste good. Are you kidding? It’s because it doesn’t feel good.
Bite by bite, meal by meal, you build your very being, create your very reality. And that reality is based on the quality and the quantity of your energy. Your energy is a magnet; it draws back whatever it puts out. And the bottom line is inescapable: your body, your flesh and blood and energy come from one source— the food you eat.
As you begin to experience the different kinds of energy you get from different foods, you will begin to see how you can control your entire life with food. It is so clear you won’t be able to deny it.
Through heightened sensitivity and awareness, by cleansing your body, by getting in touch with yourself, by giving yourself permission to deal with your emotions, by using—not abusing— food, by feeding your body pure, unadulterated food that can easily transform into the nutrients you’ve been starving for, by living the Beverly Hills Diet, your body will respond. Your body will tell you what it needs, and you will be able to hear it. Your little skinny voice will begin to talk, and you will listen.
By feeling through cleansing, by taking away all but the most concentrated high-energy foods, you’ll be able to abandon that debilitating fat consciousness. You will release your body’s skinny voice and let it sing.
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