Since each marriage is different, each wife has to decide on her own when to tell her man what she’s been up to. I suggest you go as long as you can without telling him, simply because he’ll be happier. And what’s a woman’s lot but to suffer in silence?
In my case, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut while he kept marveling about this mysterious transformation, and when an opportune moment came my way, I went directly into my rap about appetite and hunger.
It was difficult to explain to my husband what I’d done without belittling him or making myself sound too grand. I really wanted him to know how hard the two weeks had been for me, how much extra time it took, and how dedicated a wife I must be to have done this. But if you lay it on too heavy, he’ll announce that he never asked you to go through all this in the first place and that his weight is his problem, not yours. Tread carefully!
If he gets suspicious and asks you what’s going on while you’re still in your sneaky mode, tell him
• it’s just some wild and wacky idea you’d like to give a try;
• he gave you the idea;
• you’re trying to lose weight and would appreciate his going along with your new food plan for a few weeks;
• you just wanted to show him how much you love him, and how much you want him to be around over the next fifty years.
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